Swan or Dolphin and Fastpass+

If you have a reservation at the Swan or Dolphin are you able to book attractions for Fastpass+ 60 days out? I know these non Disney resorts have EMH privileges and utilize Disney transportation within WDW, but I could not find out anything about when the Fastpass+ window opens.

Also - does it matter if I book the stay directly through SPG (Westin and Sheraton’s parent company)versus through Disney Travel?

If I’m not mistaken, Swan and Dolphin are 60 days.

Yep, found it.

Room and ticket package (at a Disney Resort hotel or Walt Disney World Swan or Dolphin Hotel) – start making selections up to 60 days―plus the number of days of your stay―prior to your check-in date.

You can book directly with the swan/dolphin and still get the 60 day FPs!

Glad I found this thread, thanks for asking. We booked the Dolphin directly and purchased tickets separately. Will they be sending MagicBands to us, or no bands because it’s not a Disney-owned resort? (we have old bands that are still functional.) If it’s not a package, can we still get 60 day FPs?

this is off topic how are you guys getting to the Swan from airport transportaion wise?

They will not give you MBs, but you can link your tickets to old bands. I am not sure about charging if you have a credit card linked.

The Dolphin has a rental car location inside. We rent a car for our arrival day and leave it at the Dolphin. We pick up another rental at the Dolphin on our departure day and leave it at the airport.

We especially like this because we stop at Target on our way from the airport and stock up on snacks and drinks and cheap Disney shirts.

how much was a car rental at airport to the Dophin. Does it make sence to rent or just take a taxi?