Swan/Dolphin food options right now

Right, it’s not a “Disney” owned hotel so no charging to the magic band. It was my first time not at a Disney hotel so it was kind of annoying to make sure I had a gift card with me at all times. You can use gift cards on mobile orders too.

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Oh well, Id carry my card with me just in case but man is that convenient to just tippidee taptap and off u go. :joy:

It’s my first time to WDW without my kiddos and I was looking forward to not carrying a thing. I guess it’s time for cargo pants a la @ryan1

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This is all correct. Cannot open room or pay with magic band. You can set up a credit card on your MDE account for Mobile Ordering though.

I personally found paying with a touchless credit card or Apple Pay even easier than the magic band. Don’t have to enter a pin so its even faster to tap and pay than it is with a magic band.

I can’t remember if y’all are all driving or not, but if you are parking at any of the parks, all you need is to show your Swolphin room key to get free parking. I wondered if they switched the key design frequently to keep people from abusing that.

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