Swan/Dolphin food options right now

My ADR day is coming up in 2 days and I am making some final decisions. We are staying at the Dolphin and would like to have breakfast in our room when possible, so I dont plan on making ADRs for breakfast and want to be sure this is the right plan. I’ve looked on their website, called their customer service line, but still can’t get a good feel on what is available early in the morning and how it will work.

I was told there is not room service, but we can place an order at one of their restaurants and pick it up. Has anyone done this at Swan/Dolphin? Which restaurant did you order from and how did it go? Is it quick or did it take a long time? Are any of the grab and go coffee shop type spots open? If so which ones and how were the lines in the morning?

We can walk to Boardwalk Bakery some of our days, but I’d love a coffee and a bagel or maybe an egg in my room while I get ready on early mornings. Thanks for any advice!

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Good questions, and things I’ll need to know as well.

From @TarHeelTiff’s trip report, who stayed at Swan a couple weeks ago:

As more stuff reopens at the Boardwalk, it will only improve. The biggest challenge was that all of the dining in the Swan and Dolphin has not reopened. Once it does I would have no hesitations to recommend. Even as it is now, there’s still a good amount, just have to be more intentional. It was harder to get home later from a park with no plan and quickly find food.

Maybe she’ll be able to provide more specifics about grabbing a quick breakfast, etc.?


I am in the exact same position. I was hoping to order to go breakfast from the restaurants. Watching this thread carefully!

In the Swan, there is a little coffe shop called Java that has bagels, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, grab and go drinks and snacks, etc. We did that for breakfast every day except when we went over to Boardwalk Bakery. The line length was super variable, but even when it was longer it still moved pretty quickly. We never had any trouble doing it in 10-15 minutes on our way out.

We placed a to-go order from Il Mulino for dinner one night, and that was relatively painless. Took about 15 min to get our pizzas. We ordered from the cashier that they have set up outside the restaurant specifically for to-go orders, so don’t have first hand experience ordering over the phone for that. I would imagine the experience would be similar for the breakfast options, Garden Grove or Fresh Mediterranean Market.

It does look like even more spots have reopened at Swan/Dolphin since we were there a couple of weeks ago, so evening dining should be much less of an issue already.


This is great info. First hand experience is always better than relying on a person over the phone. Thank you!


You are so helpful, as always! Thanks @TarHeelTiff :slight_smile:


I did just get this info over the phone specifically about breakfast:

Java (Swan) is open 6-10 AM
Fuel (Dolphin) is open 6-10 AM
Garden Grove opens at 7 for breakfast. You cannot call to place an order, you must go down to the cashier and place a to-go order.


Thank you! I didn’t even look at Java because it said “Bar”. Assumed it wasn’t a breakfast place. I planned 2 take outs from Garden Grove. Just switched 1 to Java. We are also planning mobile order at Boardwalk and Yacht Club. (We plan on taking Yacht Club bus to MK. Some one suggested it’s better than the bus service at Swolphin for MK.

Would this be true for AK buses too, or just a MK thing?

I’m not sure. I was told by a couple people that more buses go to Yacht Club. That MK buses fill up fast and tried and true you waited less time on average at the bus stops at Yacht Club. I plan a breakfast stop there so I figured it was better than walking back to Swan anyway. I would think the same holds true for AK.

Anytime! And I was wondering if they had a similar place to Java at Dolphin and sounds like Fuel is it!

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While we’re chatting about Swan/Dolphin…

I know we can’t use Magic Bands to get into our rooms. But I assume we can use Magic Bands to get into the parks right? (I linked my park tickets and my magic bands to my MDE account). And, if we have a Credit Card linked to MDE, can we use our magic bands as a form of payment in the parks? Is there any additional linking I need to do to use my Magic Band as payment?

You can’t use your magic band to pay when staying at the Swan. You can use it to get into the parks. You will have a card to use at Swan to get into your room. I’m guessing you can charge to your room at the Swan food places, bars, etc. - I stayed there 2 weeks ago but I never charged anything to the room.

We must be on the same page! This was another question I was going to ask. Can I link a payment form to my magic bands for in park purchases?
But I have a couple more questions for anyone out there as well.
Are they delivering packages to hotels right now? And if so, is Swan included in this?
And can you order takeout at other TS restaurants at resorts (mainly Epcot resorts)?

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So, if I’m in the parks and mobile order, my stored credit card will pay for the mobile order. But if I walk up to a snack cart and ask for a pretzel (for example) I will have to pull out a credit card and pay directly? My magic band will not work as payment? I suppose I could use Apple Pay in those instances… so many payment quirks to work out in my mind.

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As a PST’er, this makes me sad. West Coast people like breakfast too, even if it is at noon or 1 EST. Heck, we’ve even been known to have breakfast for dinner. We’re crazy like that.

Getting up before 6 AM, my time, to get a decent cup of coffee/OJ and a hot, fresh breakfast sandwich hurts my soul. It’s a vacation…not boot camp.


I think that’s all correct. I’ll be using Disney gift cards mostly, and it is good that mobile ordering includes that option now, but it’s disappointing they haven’t added an option to link either credit cards or gift cards to a MB directly for any purchases, whether an onsite guest or not.

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I do this at home all the time!

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So were at Swan. I booked through Marriott though. Do u think I can link my cc to my magic band for in park purchase?
Im confused because we used to do this all the time. Is it bc of Swan or bc they arent letting anyone do this right now?

You can’t because of staying at the Swan/dolphin.

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