SWA updated flight rate

Just checked my March flights and my return flight went down by 44dollars per person(4). Anyone know if I can still convert these to points and how to do it or should I wait till closer in case there is another decrease. Thanks

You can call and get this adjusted, but you can only do it 3 times per flight. I’d go ahead and call since $44 is a good adjustment. (Just don’t “waste” one of your price matches on a small amount like a $5 difference until closer to the flight.)

Oh! If you do decide to cancel your flight due to COVID or any other qualifying condition (like SW changes the departure / arrival times) you will not receive a refund on these adjusted funds.

So, if you purchased a $200 ticket and then see the price went down to $150 you’ll get $50 in points. However, if you need to cancel the flight entirely you’ll only get a refund of $150, but you’ll still have $50 in points to use in the future.

Thanks @darkmite2

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Aaannnndddd SW just pushed my flight back by 1h 20 mins! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: At least its still non stop but it better not go any further! :triumph:

I don’t want to be alarmist, but this is exactly what happened to us before they ultimately canceled the flight. It kept creeping earlier in the day, first by a few minutes, then by an hour, then it got scrapped. I would just have a plan B so you can jump on it if they do cancel your direct flight and others start booking up.

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The early morning flight is still available, I would switch to that if needed. Worst case, I fly the night b4, late if thats even available, get a hotel by MCO and uber in Sunday.


Lol they just cancelled my return flight too, and now I’m on a different nonstop flight about an hour earlier.
But it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, so I got lots of travel funds now. $116 rt!! :flushed:


I will have to check if there is a change in fare but really I want the time.

Great now my return flight is pushed waaayyy up. Has anyone had experience Spirit? My flight is less than 2 hours. Are they moving things around like Southwest?

Everything I hear about Spirit is “stay away” :woman_shrugging:


Yes, me too. But I think I can suck it up for 2 hours, as long as they arent pushing their flights around too. My original flight left MCO at 9, now its 3. This is my AK day and Im sooo sad. I guess Ill just switch things around. I have to spend more than a few hours at AK!

I booked my SWA flight on Tuesday and just got an email today (2 days later) that both of my flight times have already changed. They’re cutting into my AK park day too @drvillarejos! I’m assuming they’ll change it again before December, so I’m just refraining from action until we get a little closer I guess.

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For whatever reason there does not seem to be a lot of later flights on any airline leaving MCO.

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It makes sense, consolidate the hours in which ur operating, but 3pm!!! :pleading_face:

Oh I know! Believe me!

Our flight leaves at 4:40pm but our original one was supposed to leave at 7:30pm! And I had a hard time finding a 5:30 flight to lie to DME about. Finally found one to Houston!

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Hey! That’s where I am! Just tell DME you’re coming to visit a fellow liner :upside_down_face:

Ha! Well you are one of the lucky few who can get a late flight out of MCO!