SW Surgical Mask

Here’s a high-quality surgical, nice-looking mask with filters.Goes great with your SW and Jasmine gear! (For just in case…)


Yikes. I thought they were being funny. Humor is almost always helpful


I think this is satire,:wink:


There was just a question out here about if one should go or cancel WDW. Are they going to test you? Should we wear masks? In response to the comment above it may have been a satire but at first look it looked like a sales thing to me. No matter people are scared right now about the whole virus thing and what to do about their plans. I believe that whatever the reason it was a poor choice in posting this and I for one did not appreciate it. My opinion only and the rest of you take it for whatever you believe it is. Maybe it’s because I will be going to WDW soon and am a little skiddish myself. Sorry.


I agree it was borderline, but I’m just giving folks the benefit of the doubt.
You don’t have to explain your reaction, either. :slightly_smiling_face:
All of us with travel plans are a little bit nervous at this point.


Oh wow - very sorry!! I am in no way affiliated with this product. Thought it was amusing/helpful - my apologies!


You’re ok. No worries


My fault. You posted something that looked like a sale ploy for masks on a subject that is very sensitive right now for those of us that have a WDW vacation in the near future. I had just got done posting to a lady who had fears about if she should cancel her vacation or not. I told her that she should probably keep her vacation because their is little she can do about the viruses spread and it could haven anywhere in the US at any time. The thing is that there of coarse is articles of inflated masks all over the web right now taking advantages of peoples fears. You did not intend this and I applogise for my comment as they were uncalled for. Sorry.