SW launch Bay & Dessert Party

If we are planning on doing the SW Dessert Party, do we need to also plan separate/additional time for SW Launch Bay? Or is the dessert party enough time to eat, look around, and meet some characters before the show starts?

I’m interested in this too. Following.

Show up earlier than the stated time for the party and you’ll have enough time to do all those things.

How much earlier? Like 30 minutes? An hour? Less?
My original plan was to arrive about 30 mins early, but now I have to coordinate a diversion to RnR for my 7 year old and I’m wondering if that’s the time I should reallocate for it (with a FP) or not…

I think 30 minutes ought to do it. We showed up exactly on time this past trip because we were doing other things, but I wished we had 30 more minutes.

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Thank you! I’m now maneuvering to try and keep as much time there as possible. Maybe we’ll have 20 minutes instead of 30, but I won’t cut us too short!

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