SW Galaxy's Edge Planning Questions

Hi everyone,

I am trying to plan out my Hollywood Studios day in June and am confused with how to plan a potential boarding group on ROTR with reservations. I currently have a reservation for Olga’s at noon, Droid Depot at 1:05 and Savi’s workshop at 2PM. What happens if my boarding group is called at this time? Is it a mistake to have these reservations at these times? Thanks in advance for your help!!

If your boarding group is called you can just go late. There have been reports of people arriving hours late with no issue.


@PrincipalTinker is correct. Go do your stuff on reservations. Ride after. No issue

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Thanks. I didn’t think about that when I was planning. I can take a deep breath again! LOL


Just so I know I’m on the correct page. We should RoR first, then go show our screenshot of the boarding group and reservation # for droids or dinner after RoR?
I know I have 3 that would be so crushed if we missed any of those things!

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No. Go to your reservations if they are at the time your boarding group is called. Then go to RotR and explain (if they ask) that you had reservations for other things and that is why you are late.


The safest bet is to prioritize as follows:

  1. Show up within 15 minutes of ADR. Due to Covid it is harder to accommodate very late or early arrivals.
  2. Droid depot time is probably flexible, but less reporting on this
  3. RotR BG is good any time all day after you are called. Don’t stress the arrival window on this one.

Ahhhhhh, got it. I switched it!
@Jeff_AZ and @zientm Thank you bunches!!


If you guys get a low BG# and are called early in the day, make sure to give yourselves at least 45 minutes for the queue and ride. If the timing is too tight and/or you don’t want to risk being late for something, just wait to return to ROTR later. Nobody cares how late you are, you just get scanned in and are on your way.

Also, when you get your BG, you will be given an estimated return time. At that point, you will have a good idea of how you will plan your day. There are some days when ROTR has a lot of breakdowns. In that case, your return time will be extended, but those days are mostly rare.