SW Galactic Spectacular & DHS ADR hours

Since our DHS day is going to be crazy busy I thought it would be nice to end the night at one of DH’s favorite places- Sci-Fi Diner. Great food, even greater memories… anyway… I originally booked what I thought was one of the last ADRs at 8:50 pm, but when playing around today I found one for 9:25 pm so I changed it.
Surely that means they plan to add SWGS to the calendar right?

I hope so!! I’m waiting for May dates to open and it’s so annoying that they haven’t yet! :confounded:

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Just did a pretend one for Oga’s on June 11 and there is 9:15pm and 9:30pm offered. Oga’s says dinner goes to 9:30 starting May 1, prior to that (and I did check April 30) it’s listed as only going to 9:00 pm. fingers crossed.


Yes, definitely a good sign!
I currently have 2 lunchtime Oga’s but will most likely have to modify after FP day.

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