SW Flights open thru Jan 2023

Hey everyone!

Didn’t see this posted anywhere yet. If you need to start planning your late fall & winter trips flights are now on sale up to Jan. 4, 2023!

I saw a banner for $59 tickets for Tues. or Wed. travel. However, I needed Sun. - Sat. flights.

Tickets are still starting at double the price that they were in 2021 and early 2022.


SW: “book now for January!”
hmph. What’s the point? You’ll just cancel it anyway…:triumph:

also: apparently direct flights are still super rare.


You book the cheapest flight you could possibly tolerate.
And then when they move things around at least you haven’t paid an arm and a leg for a flight that disappears.

I just booked a very nice fare for my (all of a sudden I’m going on a) cruise airfare and I went with the cheapest one that is supposed to leave MHT at 0600. Do I think I’ll be leaving MHT at 0600? No. But I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I do, and if I don’t at least I didn’t pay the higher priced fare.

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Just for fun, I tried to see what a flight on SW for our December trip would cost. For the two of us, the cheapest possible (for the days we would need) came to almost $600. Of course, in one case, there were 2 stops, and in the other case, 1 stop. All said, travel time would end up being about 10 hours total to get from our door to Disney in those cases.

Sadly, our direct flights using Delta in 2020 cost us just over $600 (maybe a total of $50 difference). Now, flying on Delta would run us around $1200. :confused:

In both cases, I would then need to add on the cost of transportation to/from the airport.

In any case, we’re driving. Because even with gas prices rising and needing hotel and food, I can pay a total of about $600 for the two of us…plus we end up with a car on property.


I want to know why they only have two morning flights on the Sundays I looked at, 6:35AM and 11:15AM. I would love a 10 AM flight.

Because they hate us and we get what we get and we will like it and pay double

Have you been training under Chapek?

If I were traveling alone, I would grab the 6:35 flight, but I’ll be traveling with either DH or my sister in law. You will not get either of them out of the house before 8AM without a huge fight.

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I actually booked a day earlier than planned because the only flight that got us there before 7pm took off at 6am. There’s no way my DW would wake up at 4am to go to the airport.

At least now I get an extra day at Universal. (I had to pay about $300 more for the extra night over all. I hate how they add money to every day you are there and not just another $150 for the night. Oh well!!)

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I budgeted for June 2023 by Deltas current flights so around $3000 for 3 of us. Previous years Main was maximum $1600 for Friday/Sunday flights. I’d have to check my archived emails for exact prices. I know 2018 we upgraded to first as an anniversary bonus and it was still less than $2000.

I paid $316 each yesterday for our December trip. Nonstop - thank goodness, but that price is rough. Hoping they drop and I gain the difference.

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