Suspicious of ticket link

After doing a comparison check of ticket prices, no matter which deal I click on I am sent to the same site, This doesn’t seem right. When I looked at Undercover Tourist site for tickets the site and prices were completely different. Do you think the touring plans site has been hacked? Or is this the way it works.

Are you going through the ticket calculator online or through the app? I just tried through the app and when I clicked on Boardwalk Ticketing it brought me to the Boardwalk site.

I just tried this and it worked for me:

If it brings you somewhere else it might be you?

You might have a bot cookie. Clear your cookies and if that doesn’t work, try another browser.

My dad had that happen when he was checking airline tickets. He’d used a discount site once and it set a cookie on his computer that whenever an airline site was searched, it would go to the discount site instead.

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Doing it online, I’ll try the app.

The calculator works fine, it’s when I go to the recommended ticket sellers that ai end up at a bogus site. I’m going to try the app. For touring plans.

My iPad blocks all cookies, unlessI permit it. Can’t remember how to erase cookie history, it will come o me.

Reserve Orlando is a reseller TP recently added to the calculator. I can’t imagine why other links would take you there. I just tested and it worked as expected.

I agree I’d clear cookies and perhaps all cache of it continues. But first You can try the calculator in an incognito/private mode tab and see if it still happens there too.