Survey: Park Hopping is coming back! How often do you actually park hop during a trip?

I know Park Hopping is important to some, others could not care less about it.

Personally, early on I did not see the reason, there was enough at each park to fill a day.

As my trips grew in number, Park Hopping became more common as I became more selective in my activities.

The most hopping in one day we ever did was three parks, AK, then HS and finally MK.

How about you?
What is your Park Hopper usage

  • I park hop every day of my trip, can’t live without it
  • I park hop most days of my trip
  • I park hop one or two days of my trip
  • I get park hopper but rarely/never use it, just an extra on my AP
  • I don’t see any use/value in it and never get it

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I didn’t quite see my option, but I picked “I don’t see any use.”

Truth is, in all the times we’ve gone, only once did I pay for park-hoppers…and on that trip, we never actually park-hopped except on the final day in order to buy something in MK on a day we didn’t go to MK.

Having said that, originally for the upcoming anniversary we had planned to make extensive use of park-hopping. But alas.

I think if you want a shorter stay where you can’t give at least a day per park that park-hopper may have value. Mid length stays it seems to just eat up time. Very long stays, I think value returns somewhat because it adds to a more relaxed feel.

This is all entirely factual, and not in any way simply my opinion, of course. :wink:

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It depends on the trip

Solo, I’m hopping on the daily, sometimes more than once in a day

With the family, maybe once or twice here and there. They don’t really like to do it all that much. But DS wants to do a 4p1d if we ever get to go again.


Now we stay onsite we like to go to a different park after our afternoon break most days. We never hopped when we stayed offsite - UK tickets are all hoppers so we could have without paying extra but we didn’t like to take breaks when we weren’t staying close by and there didn’t seem a reason to hop.


I break up every day AM/PM. I also usually book my FPs based on the combo of that day’s parks.

I will usually take a long break at the resort between each park.



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It depends on the trip and where we’re staying. If we’re at Boardwalk we’ll hop every day. I it jut DH and I we’ll hop every day. Throw in the kids and/or an inconvenient hotel like AKL hopping is far less frequent.

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It’s funny, my next two trips I am booked at BW and I am so excited that I can go to EP every day.


Well I don’t feel like my feelings were quite accurately represented, but I voted for “never use it” but I like the option and have used it in the past. We have not used it in our last two trips but they were both over 7 days long. In a shorter trip, I would use it more as well as when my kids are older.

I agree with others in that I would purposely plan in terms of half-days. And now that we’ve fallen in love with the Crescent Lake resorts my DH has dreams of eating every night at Epcot and strolling home.


I had this very thought for my upcoming trip about eating dinner in Epcot every night since I’m staying at BV but didn’t purchase the park hopper yet since I can add it at any time later and since you don’t need a reservation for your 2nd park I can add it on the trip if I need it then.

I think it depends on how often you go and how many days you are going.

We don’t go to WDW that often and tend to get 7-10 day single park tickets. Since we are there that long, we never felt the need for hoppers. There is so much to do at each park, especially with TSL and GE at HS.

For our next trip, either in 2022 or 2023, it will most likely be just DH and I. We would probably take more rest days so the hopper would be handy.

This has me excited too, if a Spring Break trip in the works can fully materialize. Time is limited, possibly just 3 park days, so getting to EP every night after a different park in time for a nice ADR and staying til close sounds like a fun way to do it, knowing we have to pick our favorites and not do everything.


Weve paid for park hoppers twice, the rest 1park each day. On one 6 day trip we used park hoppers once (half day at MK and EP) the second trip we had plans to but never did, 5 day trip. That being said, if we did mid day breaks, I could see the value in PH. Or if we MUST dine in EP often.

We almost always get park hoppers but then rarely use them since we’re so exhausted by the end of the day with our little kids. But we originally had been planning to use them extensively for our next trip. We are staying at BCV so we were going to go to HS in the morning, come back to the hotel for a swim, then spend the evening / dinner at Epcot for a couple days in a row. We were considering doing the same thing on our AK day, though our MK days probably would have been one-park days.

With COVID scratching those plans, we had resigned ourselves to one park per day. But now I’ll have to rethink that.

We don’t use them because we have young kids and are usually done for the day pretty early. Would definitely use them on an adults only trip but that’s not happening for a long time!

With kids I’d never get it. We’re done after 6-8 hours in a park anyway and ready for pool time, dinner & bed. I’ve done a “hop” twice with kids (epcot + MVMCP, AK + DAH) and it was fine for one day during the trip but no more!

We have hopped on every trip. Usually to eat somewhere other than the park we visited. Or just because we can and it’s fun. This trip in December will be my first non park hopping trip and honestly, I am really curious to see if I miss it.

My previous stays were usually 6-7 days so it was nice. My kids were 9 and 5 on our last big trip and we’d go from rope drop to park close for several days in a row, then take a half day or resort day. This trip is only four days so I doubt we’d have time to hop anyway. We’re only going to MK, AK and HS, so it would have been nice to at least visit Epcot this time around for Soarin’.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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I’m feeling melodramatic today
It’s been a wicked long week at work
I need some Disney right now and can’t have any
So I am being a whiny baby

We are booked for late June x10 days. Crossing everything we get to take this one. It’s a long way off, and hopefully the vaccine will help, but travel restrictions have been locked down HARD at work.


We’ve only had PH once when it was required for our free dining package. We hopped maybe 3 of the 8 days we were in the parks, to take advantage of morning EMH and then avoid crowds. My boys weren’t really fans of the idea. I don’t think I would choose to purchase PH unless I wanted to catch highlights of all the parks on a shorter trip. If EMH returned, that might be a bit more incentive.

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