Survey on FP+ and it's effects

I am working on a school assignment for year 12 and I am studying the effects FP+ has had at WDW to do with wait times and guest happiness. It would be great if you could spend less than 5 minutes filling out this survey. As long as you have been to WDW at all even if not after the introduction of FP+ you can fill it in.


Done! Good luck with your project!!!

Done :white_check_mark:

I will add a caveat to the response I provided. The years were a total guess on my part. I remember going at certain times, but the exact years elude me. If I were my wife, I could probably rattle them off in my sleep. As for me, I consider it a success that I can remember we went to Universal this year. :wink: (But ask me what year we went to Universal a year from now, and I’ll have to think long and hard!)

Hopefully the ACTUAL years don’t matter to the survey results terribly.


Done- Good Luck!

When you are done - it would be interesting if you posted a summary of your finding. Good luck!

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Done! And I second the request for your final summary :blush:

Will do it later when I get home; work computer won’t let me connect.

Done, good luck with your project

That is fine if its just approximate. I am just combining the bigger numbers into one category anyway.

I will definitely be posting a final summary once I’m done. The assignment is huge and won’t be completed until around August though.



If you would like to be emailed the results and you have already completed the survey please follow the link at the top of the main survey.