Survey Disappointment

I just finished a email survey asking what I thought about tiered admission prices. As in, weekends would cost more. The sample calendar showed three levels, bronze, silver, & gold. My favorite time in October, Monday -Thursday were bronze, Friday-Sunday were Silver. Busier times had silver week days and gold weekends. Then all gold for holiday seasons. One question ask if I would pay more for a day if they gauranteed smaller crowds. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at that one. The last couple of questions compared this plan to hotels and airlines have seasonal prices, and to movie theaters charging less for a matinee.

If any liners get this survey, please take a screen shot of the calendar, I didn’t think of that until I was done.

Lastly, it said I was selected for this survey because I had agreed to be surveyed, on my trip last October.

DLR Paris now has a tiered ticket system for 1 day tickets bought in advance. Cant remember the names but most expensive can be used any day(this is the same as a gate ticket) Then there are 2 other ones cheaper one is quite restricted and the other covers most days with about 30 days blacked out. They follow the 3 levels if AP generally.

Sounds like they have things bass-ackward. Demand pricing (like what airlines do) means you pay more when things are in greater demand and less when they are not. This attempts to even out demand, as people will be tempted to travel during low demand times to save money. Charging more for low demand times will make them less in demand, but this “guarantee” of low crowds might counteract that.

And how are we hey going to “guarantee” low crowds? Limit the number of people who can enter? Yeah, right, I can see WDW turning away customers when they are not at full capacity…

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I was invited to a similar survey after we returned from our trip last November. Was your survey long?

My invite specifically said it would take something like 45 minutes to an hour to complete, which cracked me up at first. That’s a really long time for a survey!

Then my brain said “Hey wait a minute, if they’re going to ask you to invest that much time, maybe there’s a discount or othe reward at the end… Hmm.”
(I’ve taken in depth IT business surveys that would give you an Amazon gift card etc.)

So, I took the 45-60 minute, very detailed, hand cramping, mouse clicking survey and at the end it said… Thank you. Nothing else.

My brain is an idiot.


Someone on FB said they got that survey and that it talked about new AP pricing of up to 1,200… No screenshot though so I’m thinking it’s not true.

Here’s an article with the calendar:

Interesting reading. What I noticed was that my trip next August would have all 3 tiers so I would have to pay for gold tickets for the whole trip. Total rip off.

If they make it the same as paris you wouldn’t have too They still sell the multi day pass which is cheaper than buying lots of 1 day tickets in advance even at the cheapest rate.

The link specifically said if you were travelling over more than one tier you would have to buy the more expensive option - not a great sales pitch! Would probably still work out cheaper than buying 3 lots of tickets each though.

The wording of the survey states that you would pay the rate of the most expensive day for every day of your trip - so if you had one gold day and seven bronze days, you’re paying for eight gold days.