Surprise DCL in January! Need help!

Hey all! We just booked the Dream for Jan 3-6- a quick FIRST CRUISE EVER! We are a family of 5- kids 17, 16 and 14. I would LOVE any and all tips! Scrambling to book excursions- though I did book us for SCUBA in The Bahamas.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Have fun! That was about the same dates and ages for our first ever cruise, and it was on DCL. Our sons loved all the “free food”, especially the amount of bacon they could get in the buffet.

Advice: It’s very windy up on deck when the ship is sailing (combination of wind plus ship’s speed), and can feel cool especially at night. So remember to have a light jacket or sweatshirt along.

Wow! What fun! Have you looked at recent Cruise Navigators.

They are usually only available in the app these days (although you can usually pick up a copy at guest services too). Are you on Facebook? Have you found your cruise group on Facebook if you are? How are you getting to the terminal?

I didn’t know about any of this! I am thinking we will rent a car and use that for getting to the terminal. We are staying at BLT the night before but I don’t think we’ll do the parks- crowd level 10!!!

I will look at the navigators- thanks! and I will look for the FB group too!

Thanks so much for your help!

If you are taking a rental park at level 3 in the garage (you pay on the way in). Enter the terminal through the garage level 3 entrance. It will have a short security check line.

Also, if you want beer or wine. Buy it on the way there. You can ask bartenders for glasses to walk around with it or bring it to dinner.

If you have an iPhone, iMessage should work without wifi but if everyone has the DCL app you can message through that.

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