Supermarket Recommendations near DLR

Hi all. I am looking for recommendations for a good supermarket near the Hyatt Regency Orange County Hotel. There is a Target within walking distance, but I am hoping for one that has a hot food bar and good fruit/vegetables.

I don’t mind taking an Uber, so something within a few miles would be great.

We haven’t ever made the trip out to a supermarket proper (we most often use the CVS on Harbor & Katella but have also gone to that Target or the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Ball). However, with a quick Google search there is a Vons on Chapman that’s potentially walkable even. I know that Vons will do grocery delivery too, not sure about delivery on hot food items though.

Google Maps: Hyatt Regency Orange County to Vons on Chapman

Another option if you are wanting “hot” items is Uber Eats. I have read about a few people order food for their hotel rooms. Seems like a much less expensive option than room service!

We’ve used the Vons on Chapman and the Target, and I definitely prefer Vons. Much better selection, especially if you’re going for fresh produce.