Superbowl: where to watch


I don’t know if this is the right place (is not a DW question), but it’s the closest one; i am sorry if i am wrong!

Here’s my question: me and some friends will be in orlando on superbowl day (february, 05). Can you suggest some bar to watch the game?? Should we try some kind of reservation??

Since we are intend to drink, we won’t use our car. My other question in: is uber worth is orlando? I mean, mostly: is it safe and are enough drivers to no make us wait too much??

Thank you very much!

Uber is great in Orlando. You shouldn’t have any problems there.

Are you looking to watch the game somewhere in the World or just Orlando in general?

Well, we prefer some bar in Orlando, but if you have a suggestion in the World, we are going to consider also!!

Thank you