Super sized two year old

So we are headed down in 21 days… My son is a very tall kid, he is already forty inches tall, which is great, he can go on splash with us! However someone said me today no one will believe he’s under three …do i need to bring something for proof? He won’t be three until May… has anyone delt with this? Are they going to question us for buffets and entrance under a free ticket?

I felt awkward in that situation so I brought Ds birth certificate with us but no one ever said anything about it. This was a long time ago.

If you ask him how old he is, what does he say? As long as he holds up 2 fingers or says 2, you’re good. I’ve never heard of Disney demanding proof of age.

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I was worried when my DD2 was about to turn 3 and and she always insisted that she was six. We have never been asked, but I did see a family at guest services waiting to buy a ticket because the daughter said she was 3 when they asked. The Mom was mad. I don’t know what the truth was.

I would be stunned if they asked, but why not bring a copy of his birth certificate just in case?

I’m going to… i know my parents and my in-laws had issues with getting kids rate when my husband and i were kids (he was over six feet at 12, i was almost six feet by 13) so better safe than sorry!

Also when i ask him how old he is he generally says boy. :smiley:


By the way, I always take a picture of the birth certificate and keep it on my phone in case they ask. I don’t carry the actual certificate with me. :slight_smile: I’ve never needed it, but it gives peace of mind.

They are only likely to ask at entrance unless you try to sign him up for 3+ age activities. Those are the two areas where folks try to scam.Trying to sneak in an 3+ for free and then trying to get the same kid signed up for BBB and other stuff

Definitely take a copy of his birth certificate- it’s worth having it for peace of mind. I did this when we went with my DS when he was one month shy of turning 3.(he’s very tall too) No one ever asked me or him his age but I felt better knowing I had his birth certificate with me.