Super-interesting, never-before-seen question about DME

Well, you can be the judge of whether the heading is true or not.

But, for our May 2020 trip, my DS and DDIL are flying down (we’re driving), and on the final night are staying for a single night at a value resort. This gives them one night without being in the same house as everyone else before heading back, plus gives them a “free” trip back to the airport using DME. (Otherwise, they would have to get up super early with us and we’d drive them to MCO, where they would sit and wait for hours and hours until their flight that afternoon, etc.)

Anyhow, this is where my super-interesting question comes. So, they will only be using DME for one leg…that is, leaving the resort. But they won’t be using it when they arrive.

Or will they/can they?

Is it possible for them to use DME to get to the resort basically 10 days earlier, when they fly in? As of right now, the plan is that when they arrive, we’ll come pick them up, having just arrived to Orlando ourselves a couple hours earlier. But could they, instead, take the DME to their resort (10 days early) and then hop on a bus over to DS to meet us?

I’m guessing the answer is no, but then again, having a resort stay does allow for a “free DME” trip to/from the airport, so…just wondering.

Yes, the can use DME for one leg of the trip. As long as they are staying at a Disney Resort and will be picked up at a Disney Resort. I’ve done, on different trips…only transport from MCO or just transport to MCO.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear…I knew they could use it for one leg…but I was wondering if it would be possible to use the arrival MDE on a day OTHER than the check-in day for the resort, basically. They will be flying in May 9, but the resort reservation isn’t until May 18. They check out and fly out May 19. Just wonder if they could reserve the MDE on May 9 to get to the resort, and then take a bus to Disney Springs to meet us.

No biggie if they can’t, but just thought it might be cool if they could for our planning purposes.

According to an article on “The only days you can use Magical Express are the day you check into a Disney resort and the day you check out of a Disney resort.”

Okay. Makes sense…but on the Disney site itself, I couldn’t find it mention that it had to be check-in day, although it explicitly stated it needed to be the same day as you check out. So I just wasn’t sure.

I have filled out the form a few times on the last month. It is linked to your resort reservation so those are the dates.

Yeah only on the day of or the day end of your reservation. Sorry, I misunderstood at first.

Oh well. We have a plan, regardless…just would have been super convenient. Thanks, all!

Well, they’re not quite correct.

You can use DME once in each direction between the date you check-in and the date you check-out inclusive.

So they can’t use DME before their onsite reservation starts.

Yes, I was going to say that-- we had a member of our party use DME on days that were not check-in and check-out of the resort. We had to call DME and discuss logistics and provide flight numbers but it wasn’t really an issue but the dates were within our reservation dates.

No need to call:

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