Sunset Safari before 9:15 ROL?

I have reserved ROL seating at 9:15pm (TH Lunch package) on June 1. I also have a FPP for KS 7:30pm-8:30pm. Official Sunset for that day is 8:19pm and Dusk is at 8:45pm.

I would like to time the safari to be as close to that sunset-dusk magic time as possible.

It looks like it will be a 10 min walk from KS to ROL and I am supposed to be at ROL between 8:40pm and 9:00pm.

My questions are;

  1. Can I board the Safari at 8:15pm and make it to ROL in time?

  2. Does it matter if arrive to ROL a little after 9pm (but before 9:15)

  3. I know reserved ROL is still first come / first serve. Is there any real advantage to being there earlier than later?

  4. Should I not risk it and just get on the safari at 7:30 when my FPP opens up? (or is being on the safari between sunset and dusk worth it?)

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

I had an hour Safari at dusk right before my RoL dining package time. A giraffe decided that he wanted to chase all the animals across the road . I would allow some extra time.

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