What is your favorite sunscreen that doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost?

Anything that sprays on. I like the neutrogena sheer spray on.


I like Neutrogena spray the most. I also use Coppertone Sport. I like that it comes in a trial size that you can carry on to the plane, and easily slips into your park bag without weighing you down.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer works for both my white skin and DS2’s black skin. And it has great sun protection! I also like to carry a travel-size Banana Boat Sport spray with us for extra sunny days.

Agree with the above recommendations for Neutrogena products. Also, anything beyond SPF 30 does not really provide any additional benefit.

It’s actually 50, but the gain isn’t that huge between 30 and 50. spf 30 will block 97% of UVBs and 50 will block 98%.

source: you’ve seen my picture. I am one pale mofo

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We love the 50 here. It’s more about the time factor that the UV factor. My gingernut husband with his generous welsh Viking heritage had to reapply spf30 every 40 minutes or so in our climate. He can get the 50 to last almost two hours before he starts to feel himself turning into a lobster.

Yes, he has to wear sunscreen anytime he leaves the house. He gets sunburnt even just driving to work.

There’s a reason lots of aussies have a permanent squint!


I love Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch for my face.

I use the Neutrogena Beach Defense spray-on sunscreen for my body. It is easier to use a spray on the kiddo than trying to apply thick white cream sunscreens on her.

I stock up on these two when Costco has it with their Instant Savings.

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Piz Buin 1 day long has been the best for my extra pale English family that hardly see sun for 11 months of the year. Takes a while to put it on, but I’ve never had to reapply it during the day (even at water parks in August!)

That’s the problem - people use SPF 50 instead of SPF 30 thinking that they are getting nearly double the protection, when they are actually only getting 1% more. Making sure to properly apply SPF 30 in the first place (and re-apply it regularly) makes a huge difference.

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Totally legit. Most of us are only using about 25% of the recommended amount of sunscreen according to my dermatologist. Also, this blew my mind. You should apply skin lotion that has an SPF in it even if you won’t be outside but sit near a window or are in the car, etc. The windows will prevent a burn, but they don’t prevent UVB absorption.

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Which lip balm with SPF do you guys like?

I went to Target to look at lip balms and noticed that most did not have any SPF listed (viz. Chapstick, EOS, Burt’s Bees, etc). I’m worried that my lipstick will melt into a big mess in the Florida heat and thought maybe a tinted lip balm might be a better alternative. Yes, of course this could also melt, too. LOL. I stumbled upon a tube of Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm with SPF 20. It comes in several shades. Am going to give it a try during my trip.

Jack Black. Has an SPF of 25 and is the best I’ve ever tried.

Another vote for Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. The spray is great for the body, lotion for the face.

I second that. Love the ultra sheer dry touch for my face too.