Sunpass with rental cars

Anyone ever purchased a sunpass for use with a rental car? I was looking at the daily rates + actual toll cost from the rental company and thought it might be cheaper to get my own. But I do note that it asks for a license plate so may not be possible.

Sunpass only saves you a little time. Unless you plan on many, long, trips, its not worth it. Take a bag of quarters, and throw in some pennies for later.

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Forgot to mention staying offsite, driving to Sarasota and back to pick up gma, staying total 8 nights.

We’ve used one with a rental car before. You just input the license plate in via the app when you get the rental car.

Just my 2 cents if you are going other places outside of Orlando please ask at rental desk, some toll roads in FL do not take cash at all. We were driving from Orlando to Boca and back and we were instructed to take the option of sun pass, now we actually did not get a pass but they told us to just drive through the sun pass lane, I guess it picks up the license plate, very easy to do.

I brought a roll of quarters for getting from and to the airport. I didn’t even use half. Way easier.

Get a receipt each time though in case a question arises later.

The rental desks have maps. There are very few roads that do not take cash. And if you are just going to be in the Orlando area it’s a nonissue.