Sunday Brunch Plans

Planning ahead to my ADR plans and I’m torn whether to include CG brunch and welcome others opinions. Below are my 2 options I’m thinking about for our Sunday plans.

Option 1: CG brunch and do a couple rides at MK beforehand. I hope shorts and a polo would be acceptable for DH?
Option 2: Go to HS in the AM and then Disney Springs somewhere (suggestions welcome) for a make our own brunch with apps and drinks.

My main hesitation with CG is whether DH will enjoy it. I’m the bigger foodie so I feel it is really more for me. DH is also a fast eater so not sure how that would impact the experience.

Other background: we likely wouldn’t go back to CG for the fireworks. We likely wouldn’t eat anywhere at Disney Springs if option 2 is not selected. We are there for a full week so the park selection shouldn’t be too much of a factor until we learn more about SWGE.

So CG Brunch is my hands-down favorite dining experience on property to date. I have shared a review here in the past. I would do it every trip if it were practical. It was that good and that special.

That being said, your idea of having brunch in Disney Springs brings to mind one of my other top-five dining locations — Homecomin. They also do a Sunday brunch that I am DYING to get to.

If you’re concerned about foodie-ness, there’s no need. There certainly are a few foodie-esque items on the CG Brunch menu, but there are also some great “basic brunch” things too - like the frittata that my oh-so-vanilla appetite husband loved. Between the two of us I am definitely far more adventuresome and into more foodie experiences.

But Homecomin’ may be more comfortable for him, if he is concerned about atmosphere. Not because CG is too fancy (by the way shorts and polo are fine for him - perfect even), but because Homecomin’ is so down-home casual.

You can’t go wrong in either location. I don’t think I would recommend making up your own brunch experience at DS. If that’s your choice I would push you toward Homecomin’ without hesitation.


I am doing Homecomin Brunch next month. I will say I have also gone to Raglan Road for brunch and it was amazing.


I am just looking at the Homecomin brunch menu - definitely far more affordable, especially for me with my “disney adult” kiddos who eat like birds. CG being prix fixe it just isn’t practical to take them. But Homecomin they can (and will!) do


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