Sunday 10/18 Touring Predictions for MK and EP

Help me decide to keep the park days I have as is, or switch them up!

I currently have MK this Sunday 10/18 and Epcot on Wednesday 10/21. Considering switching the days at each park.

I received an email from Touring Plans saying that their predictions for Sunday at MK have increased from a 3 to 7 and Epcot has decreased from a 6 to a 2. However on their crowd calendar it is still saying that MK is a 3 and Epcot is a 7. Last weekend Epcot ended up being an 8 and 9 on the weekends! So I can’t figure out the reasons for the drastic changes in the email, or if they are even valid since their crowd calendar still shows original predictions. MK at a 7 without fast passes is freaking me out!!!

What would you do?

Could you switch Sunday to AK or HS instead? These are the better parks for the weekends (AK being the front runner).

Steve Bloom said there was an email error and that the website is correct.


We will be at Epcot on Sunday! But if that is your only Epcot day, I would probably switch it.

Everything I’ve read says to avoid Epcot on the weekends right now so I’d leave it as is. We’re visiting HS on our only weekend day because it seems to hit full capacity every day anyway.

We did Epcot last Wednesday and it was the least crowded park. I will say some of the food and wine booths were closed I wanted to try though due to lower crowds