Summer Sweater Favorites

Where do you buy your favorite lightweight summer sweaters? (Some of us like arm coverage and blocking the sun.)
I’ve seen so many great product and clothing recommendations from Liners. Thanks for any shopping tips!

Hey, me too! I bought some swim shirts from Landsend. Haven’t tried them out in the parks yet. I too prefer long sleeves to wearing sun screen.,43307,43325,43396,44255,44967

Old Navy

I’m wearing one of those now, but the women’s version. I also used them last year. They work great when swimming and such. Haven’t tried one outside of that. I’m fair skinned so I usually put it on to extend my time in the sun when having fun at in the water. I buy a size larger than my swimsuit so it will fit overtop.

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A few years ago they had a number of full zipper ones that matched bathing suits they were selling. Maybe 2014? I still have mine in chartreuse.


I like the zipper ones too. They’re easier to get off when wet, and if it’s hot you can unzip it a bit if you like for extra ventilation.

LL Bean usually has zip up ones, though they’re pretty pricey. I like wearing them in lieu of sunscreen when I take the kids out to swim for a couple of hours. After putting sunblock on 2 squirmy bodies, it’s a relief to have less skin to worry about on myself!


I thought I remember @len wearing a long sleeve moisture wicking shirt on a live cast recently. Someone even asked him about it but he didn’t answer.

Absolutely best reason.
DD16 has had two black ones since 2014. She literally wore the first one til it was threadbare. Way easier than sunscreening. Even with modest swimwear, it’s nice to not bother slathering your arms, etc.

just found a zipup hoodie w/SP-50 at Lands End… $70 ouch!

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Not a sweater, but my wife and I really like the LL Bean Cool Weave shirts -

The long sleeves roll up nicely and button up if you need them to but are so light they’re good in heat while still having a windbreaker warming effect when it is cooler out. Plus, SPF 50, which is what I’m looking for.

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Oh - yeah. You totally have to wait for coupons. Thankfully they are always generating them. Sign up for emails or look on coupon code sites. :+1:

Yeah, I have a few of the exact same white, long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirt for being in the parks. Picked them up at Target for $13 each, and they’re fabulous.


I use these shirts in white. Pretty inexpensive too.

found something similar on Target website too

WIth Target the bonus is you don’t have to get two of the same color. I didn’t know Target carried them. Thanks!


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Land’s End today…

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