Summer Plan?

We are doing a return trip Aug 4-8. This time just 4 park days with Park Hopper Option. We haven’t been in the summer months as adults. Thinking of trying to just do early mornings and evenings in the park, and either dine in the ac or swim during the mid day hours. Thoughts? Also considering only doing FP+ in the evening hours, and doing RD in the mornings.

I will be in the world around that same time. As I am writing this I just received an alert that KtK has updated park hours for August. I honestly think when you are hopping that there should not be a general rule- for me it is park specific. I always book FPs at HS because I love RnR and ToT. If MK is my 2nd park of the day I often will book my morning park since MK has more choices later. If I am doing EP in the morning I might book 1 and then book two when I scan that one in my next park. Whatever works with your plan will work best!

Thanks! I’m there in August too and have been waiting for the hours to be updated.

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No advice but I will be there from Aug 7th through the 14th. I am still trying to figure out to break down our days. I have the first 4 days figured out but the rest I keel waffling how to best split them.

Mornings and evenings is a pretty solid plan, but on our last trip it rained quite a few afternoon when we were planning to swim. We do FPs in the morning park and book one for the evening as we’re leaving for our break.

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We do late June. Our typical day is rope drop (DS10 is an early riser, so never an issue) and we have our 3 FPs early in the day. We hit a few non-headliners at RD, use our FPs for headliners and do a TS at lunch for a nice air conditioned break. We squeeze in one or maybe two more rides before we head back to the resort. Assuming there is no lightning in the area, we hit the pool. Lightning will usually drive us to the arcade. Afterwards we shower and maybe squeeze in a game (UNOs, Cribbage) before we head to dinner. Usually a quick service. During our break at the resort, I’ve tried to get in a good FP for the evening and if we’re up to it, we head to that park. If not, more pool time and relaxing. Occasionally Disney Springs in the evening. Our summer trips are far more laid back than other times of the year.

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We are going in mid June and do something similar. Even at that time of the year, no one in my family is happy being in the parks in the afternoon heat. We plan on being the parks RDish (we’re not that good at making it for actual RD) to 1:00-2:00 or so. We may have an occasional ADR back in the parks for dinner, but usually play it by ear.