Summer parade times

In the summer, the parade is usually 12 and 2 instead of 3, correct? How consistent is that to feel comfortable thet it will be at 2?

It was 12 and 3 last July. I know it was at 2 at one point but I can’t remember why.

Interesting. I swear that’s when I saw it at 2 but maybe it wa a different time.

I think it moves to 2pm during party season which starts sometime in August.


That makes sense. I guess I’ll plan on 3 for late June. It will be hot!

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Yes! That’s why.

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Yes it will! There are some shady spots in Frontierland and Liberty Square, but if you want that castle or main st view you will definitely be hot.

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I do like to sit by Pecos so there is some shade.