Summer Meal Offer: Redeeming QS Credits

Hello, We are a family of 5 with the Summer Quick Service Meal Offer (1 QS meal/drink per day) staying 6 nights, so we have 30 QS meals.

  1. What if we don’t do Quick Service on our HS day, for example. Can we use 2 QS meals another day? (Meaning redeem zero credits one day and redeem 10 credits the next day.)

  2. I also saw you can use these credits for specialty drinks, like a milkshake? Is that true? If so, is it possible to just order the “drink” part of the QS credit at one spot and the meal at another? (Meaning, we might want a milkshake as a snack, but not a milkshake with an entire meal?)

  3. I saw that in 2017, someone at the Moms’ Blog offered that you could trade a drink credit for a snack credit. Really? Is that for real?

Thanks for all your help.

  1. Yes. You can use your credits at any point during your trip up until midnight of your check out day.

  2. No. Credits must be used in whole at one location.

  3. I’m not sure if this is still a thing. We did it in 2016 but they change things like this all the time.

  1. Yes you can. You get a lump of credits to use how you want during your trip.

  2. I don’t remember too many specialty drinks at QS locations. But to answer your question about buying a drink at one location and the rest of your meal later, no you cannot. You have to use the whole credit. If you wanted to split a QS credit into 3 snack you can, but it must be redeemed at the same location at the same time.

  3. Yes you can trade a drink for a snack. You don’t get a credit. For example, we had resort mugs, so when we were at the resort, we would get a snack with our meal instead of a drink since we used our resort mugs.

Got it. Thanks for the fast information.

#3 is good to know I was going to get a bottle of beer or water to bring back to the room.