Summer 2019 Drought for Tower Of Terror FP+

Looks like the FP+ availability drought for ToT comes to an end on 8/29:

Could simply be the result of the HS FP+ tier changes. I suspect that the summer refurb will be complete by then too.


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I would assume it’s the tiers. The refurb might be over by then but I would bet Disney give themselves a bit of a buffer just in case.


The wait times remain terrifying. The fast passes are as scarce as a ground hog on a sunny February day. Looks like ToT is still “rope drop or bust” until Aug 29th

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'Tis true. We were there last week and ToT was the only FPP that I could not get same-day. (We already had one pre-booked). Even got a second SDD FPP; but no ToT to speak of. Also, FWIW, there was no 12:01 drop that day either.

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Oh, and the posted wait was 85 minutes by 9:10.