Summer 2015 room discounts

Has anyone heard anything yet about summer discounts? Last year by this time they had been announced.

I really want to pin down my Yacht Club room :grinning:

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mousesavers says Disney Visa Holders discounts were released 13th March last year, general public 17th March. So can’t be too far off.

Yeah, I saw that. I just haven’t heard anything yet, and would expect to have heard something if they were releasing them tomorrow. We REALLY want to stay in YC, as we usually stay in POR. With a good discount we can pull it off, otherwise it’s back to the old standard.

I’ve been trying to keep an eye out. We are booked at Beach Club. A discount would be ace.

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Hoping for more info soon! If anyone finds anything more out please post here and in chat so I don’t miss it!