Sum Of All Thrills?

I’ve read here and on Lines great reviews for Sum of all Thrills in Epcot. I didn’t find it on the list of attractions on the Disney World site. Can you give me more information about it? Where is it and etc? TIA!

Here is the TouringPlans page about it

And here is the WDW page for Innoventions, where SoaT is located

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I totally agree with touring plans designation “not to be missed”. They kids and I loved it so much we made it our first stop on the second day we did Epcot. Even better, you get a card with a code to take home so you can replay your ride at home, alas without the robot simulator. :wink:

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The ride is surely something not to be missed. I keep going back even though twice the ride seized up and trapped us for about 20 minutes. The upside down one in particular was entertaining. The maintenance guy got us right side up in a hurry, still hasn’t deterred me from going back over and over.

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Thanks, All! :relaxed: :smile:

One of my husband’s favorites (I haven’t done it because of the enclosed space). Last trip I went to Soarin’ at RD while he went to SOAT. He did twice and could have done a 3rd with no wait.

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I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, as I wasn’t at my computer.

If you go to and click on Sum of All Thrills you can design a ride and see what it would look like, or as I stated before, replay a ride you made at Epcot. If you want to see the ride my son and I designed, enter code 36U3KCT. What you see is what you see from the simulator, as the robot arm moves you around as if you were on the actual ride.