Suites with teens needing extra bed

Hello all ! We are planning to stay at AofA for the first time after staying at ASM family suites on previous trips. We were hoping that the family suites at AofA had the same set up as the ones at ASM ( a sofa bed + chair/bed + ottoman /bed ) for our teens and pre-teen but it looks like we will be short 1 bed with the AofA suite.

Has anyone used an air mattress by shipping one ahead to this resort and then left it there ? (we are flying so not sure if we can take it home with us.) Someone told us this was an option but really need to hear from those who have done it. Also don’t want to switch resorts
as other places are not an option for us .

Thanks !

I’m sure others will be able to help as I know this is a pretty common occurrence. However, I wanted to add that I’ve heard horror stories from folks trying to ship stuff to their resort and not getting it or receiving it the day they are checking out. I definitely don’t want to spook you but I would recommend using caution when shipping something to your resort. Will you be renting a car? Would it be possible to drive or get an Uber to possibly Walmart and purchase an air mattress there? This might be some extra hassle but it might be something to consider.

Can you ask Disney for a roll away bed?

Thanks - asked but someone said they don’t provide Roll-a ways. Maybe need to check into this again.

Thanks for the info ! Have heard of several ways to ship including up to a week before trip through Amazon , and other options. Will have to think about plan B being something we could pack in a carry-on. (( Packing cubes R us !))

Not to spoil this plan, but we found that there’s very little room for a double-size air mattress on the floor at AoA family suites. (Maybe a single size mattress would fit?) The only place we could fit one was next to the bed in the bedroom (adjacent to the bathroom). But, to get to the bathroom, we had to step on/over the air mattress.

Yeah - you need to double think a plan that has you augmenting the sleeping arrangements in a hotel. If the hotel can’t accommodate your needs - you should rethink you plan.

What size is your family? How comfortable do you want everyone to be?

We were there in March with Me(53), DH(54), DS(22), DS(20), DD(18) and DS(11). DH and I took bedroom with queen bed. Sofa bed was used by DS20 and DS11, (but it really only accommodates 1 teen, depending on size).
Table bed was used by DS22 (who’s 6’2" but only 180 pounds). (Again, it really only accommodated 1 tall adult.)
That left DS18 on the double air mattress on the floor in the bedroom between the bed and bathroom. We had to step on the air mattress every time we wanted to get into the bathroom.

So, even though the suite says it sleeps 6, depending on the ages/sizes of th 6 people, it can be really tight!

Thanks for the logistics and suggestions :slight_smile::blush: Only need to squeeze a TWIN mattress since we have one very thin but tall kid out of our three who really can’t share with anyone else via the other 2 bed options. Lots of food for thought here from everyone. Thanks again !!!

If you will have a rental car you can have it shipped to a walmart/target for pick up. By doing this you know it will be there waiting for you.

I know the resorts do not always have your stuff as fast as you would want. I was told a lot of the tour groups, esp. the Brazilians ship their stuff in advance and it bogs down the system.

Good luck!!

Thanks for the info !!!

I would bring a sleeping bag, should work as a carry on for one of the teens on the plane trip. Have the kids rotate who gets to sleep on the floor each night. That way not just one person gets stuck on the floor. Unless you have a kid who likes sleeping on the floor.

This worked really well for my brother and myself when we hit our teens.

Thanks ! One of the ideas we have contemplated - unfortunately we tend to fly coach so not sure if overhead will have room along with each of us already with carry-on luggage.