Suites versus two rooms

We have a group of 4 adults and 2 kids. We are looking at a spring trip and wanted to know what the recommendations are for accommodations. We are looking at a family suite at the art of animation versus 2 standard rooms at Pop century. Is there a benefit for the suites versus two rooms to rationalize the increased cost?

The biggest advantage is that the suite will put you in the same room. They will not guarantee connecting rooms at POP - especially with 4 adults in the party as the party could 100% split so that there are not unaccompanied minors in a room.

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We are a family of five so I have struggled with similar decisions. In the end we went with two rooms at pop. I felt like we may have more space and also everyone would have a comfortable queen-size bed to sleep on. Another option would be to consider a 2 bedroom villa at Saratoga springs renting DVC points. We did that last time when the grandmothers traveled with us and had a very comfortable stay.

We have 2 adults and 4 kids, two of them are teens. We do 2 rooms at POR or CBR. We have always gotten connecting rooms. They are not guaranteed but hopefully we will get them for our next trip (fingers crossed).

We travel to Disney with 3 generations, 5 people. Love having connecting rooms. 2 fridges, 4 big beds, 2 bathrooms, 1 balcony. Lovely.

We have done 4 adults and 1 kid at AoA. Depending on the size of the kids, it might be a squeeze with 6. The “bedroom” is nice for grown-ups, the door closes and has it own bath. Then the fold out couch is a full-bed size and the table bed is a full bed size and they share an open space (and a bathroom)

We have been thinking about the same thing for a trip next year.
AoA just seem so expensive compared to 2 rooms at PoP.
I know that they won’t guarantee connecting rooms, but I from what I have heard they are usually very accommodating.
I met someone at PoP on my last trip, 2 adults & 6 kids, that they did not put in connecting rooms, but they did fix once they got there.

We have the exact numbers as you (4 adults and 2 teens) and we also considered an AoA suite vs. 2 POP rooms. In the end we went with 2 POP rooms. AoA seemed like it was going to be a little more crowded and for more money. Just wasn’t worth it to us.