Suggestions on which room to request in Animal Kingdom Lodge?

We are at the 60 day mark so now we can do online check in. We have a Savannah view and I was wondering what room/floor/location I should try to request. Thanks!

Third floor/lobby level is great. I would personally request a Zebra Trail room as that will also put you near elevators that drop you off directly at the pool and mara and is also in the same wing where laundry and kids club is. We had either 3469 or 3471 for our only savanna view room and that was perfect. It was at the end of a side hall so there was almost no foot traffic. It was super close to the elevator I mention previously, and it was not far from the gorgeous lobby. It overlooks the Uzima savanna. Many people prefer the Arusha Savanna but to me it’s all the same.

Enjoy your stay! AKL is our very favorite place!!!

Thanks! I’m in MDE now but can’t figure out how to request a specific room. Do I have to call to do that? I did the online check in.

The best way to request a specific room is via the Fax option on the Touring Plans dash board. Unfortunately you can’t do it via online check-in as they only let you configure generalities there.

Hit the dash board for your trip here, pick out a room & configure your Fax - it will send 5 days prior to check-in and has a decent success rate depending on your request and of course, availability…

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You do it through the touringplans fax. If you fill in anything on the online checkin be CERTAIN it does not conflict with the fax.

To find the fax configuration link, go to your dashboard at Your trip will appear in the center of the top of the page. There should be a link there that says “Configure Fax” Click there and fill in all fields. Be sure to put in your reservation #.

Or this LOL

I should read all posts before replying. Bad habit.

You did offer more details so there was some value add as well. Plus you might have started typing before mine posted. Better 2 good answers that agree than none! :smiley:

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My favorite rooms are 3216-3238 or 4216-4238. Here are a couple of pictures: