Suggestions for Which days for which parks please

We arrive Tuesday November 20th Grand Floridian around Noon, depart early morning on Monday November 26th. Five day park hopper tix. We want one full day to enjoy our resort. I am thinking Thanksgiving Day for our resort day and try to get ADR for dinner that evening someplace. So I need suggestions for:

Tuesday 11/20: Afternoon/Evening Park
Wednesday 11/21: All Day Park(s)
Thursday: Resort Day
Friday: All Day Park(s)
Saturday: All Day Park(s)
Sunday: All Day Park(s)

2 adults, two tweens, no interest in EMH, no interest in super late nights in the parks after fireworks.

Curious what you would do , thanks!

Have you looked at the crowd calendar?

Based on the crowd calendar I use, I would probably do this:

T - HS
W - MK
Th - EP
F - Resort day
S - AK
S - MK

ETA - Left off Sunday originally.

Yes and every day is packed except Sunday so it likely won;t matter really

So then if that’s the case I would pick based on EMH - and use them, especially the morning ones.

If that’s not your preference, then all things being equal I would choose based on order of love for park. For us that means MK, AK, EP, HS (if I have to!)

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I think I’d do:

Tues: arrive/MK
Wed: Epcot and/or HS
Th: Resort day
Fri: Epcot and/or HS
Sat: AK if you can take advantage of that 7 am EMH. I know you say not interested but…on a 10 level week I might try to make it for that one. Take a break for a nap mid-day and monorail to Epcot or MK.
Sun: MK (party night so low CL…should get a lot done). Hop over to AK afterwards if you want a little more time there or to see Pandora at night, ROL, etc.

Putting AK at the end of the trip should give you a greater chance of FoP FPP.