Suggestions for September 2020 trip

My husband and I are taking a land-sea anniversary trip with DD4 and DD6 at the end of September. We are starting off with 4 nights at a Skyliner resort before the cruise. This is our second trip as a family. We went last May and did EMM in Toy Story Land and Fantasyland. Further, Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t open yet, so I had a much easier time planning. I was hoping to get some feedback on my proposed touring and FPP plans. We are skipping AK for this trip. My daughters are both above 40 inches and love all the characters. My priorities are: Toy Story Land, Rise of the Resistance, building a droid, Mickie & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Frozen Ever After, meeting Anna & Elsa, Remy’s, Space 220, character breakfast at Topolino, Halloween party, and some Food & Wine festival (during the week when it isn’t so rowdy). Also, my girls are thrill junkies so we will prioritize the bigger rides at MK. We didn’t make it to Big Thunder last year but 7DMT was their absolute favorite. I have only planned my first day in detail so far, and it’s still a ways away, but I’d love some suggestions!

Day One (9/25, Friday)

  • PPO @ Akershus
  • RD FEA
  • Meet Anna & Elsa
  • Living with the Land
  • Nemo
  • Biergarten lunch @ 12
  • Hop to HS
  • FPP SD (if I can get it)
  • FPP Saucers
  • Back to Epcot for dinner or go back to the hotel depending on how the girls are doing

The next day (Saturday) we plan on getting up super early to get a good boarding group and RD SDD. I will try to have FPPs for Runaway Railway and ToT, so I welcome suggestions for a third. We will also build a droid and see Fantasmic on this day. I’m not sure where to book dining because I am underwhelmed by the options at HS.

Sunday we will go to MK and do EMM if it’s available or the Classics VIP tour. I will try to get FPP for 7DMT, Big Thunder & Splash Mountain. We will also do the Halloween Party and dinner at either BOG or CRT. CP was one of my girls’ favorites last year so I will probably book brunch there.

On Monday we will go back to Epcot with a PPO at Garden Grill, RD Soarin and have FPPs for Remy’s, Mission Space: Green, and Spaceship Earth. We will do more of the World Showcase and try to get a same day TT fast pass. I hope to get a reservation for Space 220 and then do the FEA dessert party. Our other option is to go back to MK and do dinner and dessert party there for the last night.

Finally, I’m going to try to get a reservation for Topolino’s before we leave for the cruise.

I know it’s a lot of food but we did the Deluxe Dining Plan last year and appreciated the forced breaks and air conditioning. Plus we found many of the restaurants to be some of our favorite experiences. Any advice is appreciated—especially about hopping back and forth from the parks on the Skyliner and saving fast passes for the second park!

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Wow congrats on what sounds like an awesome anniversary trip. I know it’s so tempting to try to include as much as possible on every trip, but I would be nervous about going all day, every day from RD to close in the heat of September. Do you plan to take some breaks outside of the parks? I wouldn’t make it all day, but you know your family best.

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