Suggestions for One Day at HS not staying on property

We’re doing one day at HS, but not staying on property. I’m finding it difficult to set a touring plan not knowing what we might be able to get for LL and ILL. We’ll have to enter the park at park opening. Where should we head first???

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That’s a tough one. I think an ILL will be hard to get, but you might get lucky at park opening, so I’d check and refresh a bit as you’re walking to your first attraction.

I would consider getting your top attraction (outside of Rise) - SDD, MFSR, or MMRR at 7:00 or at the 7:07-7:12 drop for as early as possible. Then at park opening, head to TSL and ride TSM and AS2 first, use your first LL, and then try to refresh for a second - one of the other 3 if possible, or ToT/RnRc. May be later in the day, but you can refresh to get as many as you can.

Keep stacking for later in the day and fill up late morning and afternoon with shows, Star Tours, food, and shopping, and just exploring the park. Use the drops at 9:32 /12:00 / 2:32 to get additional LLs - try to time your 120 minutes to make use of one of those drops - to get additional LLs that you weren’t able to get earlier.

Later in the day, use your stacked LLs and maybe one longer standby, then, if you weren’t able to get a RotR ILL, get in standby a little before closing assuming it doesn’t break down.


TP shared this in IG Story today. Might help.

Only ILL right not is ROTR and I believe it is always gone before 9 am.

We tried to do the rope drop Rise strategy in January…we were right at the front of rope drop for non-resort guests…and the ride was down and they were not letting more people in line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for link. Delighted to see TP putting out quality actionable G+ advice.

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Since we’re not staying on property we can’t take advantage of the early entry. That’s a large part of what I’m struggling with. Every other time I’ve gone we’ve stayed on property.