Suggestions for my MK TP on Dec. 4, 2015

Here is my published plan. Going to MK on Dec. 4th with two friends. Staying at AoA. No fast passes. At MK all day and staying for MVMCP. Breakfast at BOG 9:35 a.m. and lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern at 2:00 p.m. MK crowd is a 4 that day.

I have an annual pass that I printed at home and a magic band from the hotel. Will I need to get my annual pass validated at the park (this will be my first time going to the park since I bought the annual pass)? If so, about how long will that take and what time should I arrive at the park that morning. Is an 8:00 a.m. arrival early enough?

Worried that we might be late for our BOG reservation. We’re planning on going to 7DMT first and then BOG. Will they still let us in if we are a few minutes late? Also, one member of our party doesn’t eat breakfast and just wants coffee. Can she share a meal with my other friend? Three people, but only two meals will they allow that?

Do you think I gave us enough time to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern at 2:00 p.m. and see the 3:00 p.m. parade? I’m planning on staying near the Liberty Tree Tavern to watch the parade. I couldn’t get a 1:30 time slot for LTT.

Any other issues anyone sees, or suggestions?

Thank you!

Good morning! Is there a reason you are not getting fast passes?

You need to go to guest services to activate your AP. You should also get a discount card and if you want, that would be the time to buy Tables in Wonderland. 8:00 may give you enough time, I always give myself extra, extra time so I would try to be there before 8:00.

I am very concerned about you making the parade. If you are not seated right at 2:00 I think it would be impossible. Yes, you can order just two breakfasts at BOG, but you cannot purchase one coffee (although when I was there coffee was at a self-serve station on the side). If you are 10-15 minutes late I think you will be fine.

Your party plan seems light. Will you add the list of attractions when you have time during the night?

My only suggestion is to be willing to skip an attraction here or there if the wait is too long and you want to keep your ADRs in tact. MK crowd levels have been through the roof- and predicted crowd levels, especially on party days, have been off by quite a bit this year. I have been reading Fred’s crowd level blogs for a few weeks now (we are there from 12/6-12/15)- and I am hoping to see predicted crowd levels- but preparing myself to see some 8 to 10 days. Odds are you won’t make the parade- you need to allow at least 60 minutes for a TS meal, then 15-20 minutes to find a decent spot. LTT just reopened and will be fully booked. Maybe you will luck out, but if the parade it important I would chuck the ADR and eat counter service.

Hi @HelloTink. Sounds like an adventurous plan…we will also be at MK at RD that morning…maybe we’ll run into you in the 7DMT line…We’ll be wearing our Liners buttons… :grinning: