Suggestions for lunch on property but outside park on a MK day?

We make a point of making ADRs for lunch each day. We did this our first trip and it worked out great. We have already done BOG and will go to Skipper Canteen on our MK day 1. We are all pretty adventurous eaters. Thanks in advance for your opinion!

Have you considered taking the boat to WL and trying Whispering Canyon?


Also if you and your are seafood fans, Cape May’s Café at the Beach Club Resort is fantastic. It is a buffet featuring Crab legs, huge cold shrimp, Clam Chouder, Corn on the Cob and much more.

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Unfortunately Cape May is only open for breakfast and dinner.

I guess I assumed the ADR should be in the MK area but are you willing to travel? Is DS an option?

I am sorry, are they now closed for Dinner for some reason I have eaten Dinner there many times in the past and have a ADR for the same in mid March.

Sorry, I edited my post! They are open for breakfast and dinner. The question is regarding lunch outside of a park on a magic kingdom day.

We are actually staying at WL (very excited, we have waited and saved to do this!) and are planning on eating at Whispering Canyon on our rest day.

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We would be willing to go to DS. I wonder how much travel time we will need to plan on for getting there from MK and back to MK?

We are looking to do lunch, but I will keep it in mind for other days or future trips :wink: Thank you.

For lunch you would need to go to a MK area resort and then Bus to DS. I would plan an hour travel time but most likely I over estimate. Homecoming is great for lunch. Morimoto has a lunch menu and it is so beautiful!

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I hope you love WL as much as I do!

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Everyone in my family LOVED Liberty Tree Tavern in MK. Highly recommend! I’ve heard great things about brunch at The Wave and, of course, there is Chef Mickey’s.


If you are willing to travel anywhere onsite- how about hopping the bus to AKL and Sanaa?

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We are planning for Sanaa on our AK day. Also in our plans are Skipper Canteen, Monsieur Paul, Trattoria al Forno, and Hollywood Brown Derby. Of course, I am assuming that I will get just what I want for ADRs when I hit my 180 day mark! :smile: I will cross that bridge when it comes but in the meantime, a girl can dream… :star_struck:


You might consider Ohana at the Poly it would be a short monorail ride or even a boat ride, to and from MK.

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If you want somewhere special (and judging by some of your other bookings you like great quality) then you need to dine at tiffins in AKL

Maybe you don’t have park hopper though to do it on MK day

From your list my favourites that you have booked already are HBD and Monsieur Paul. We dined at both in July. Tiffins possibly better than all of them though.

(it’s a good place to dine around when you get FOP fastpass as it’s not far from the ride)

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You might consider Kona st the Poly. Although I give another vote for LTT; it’s my favorite MK lunch.