Suggestions for last minute planning of trip

I’m helping a friend plan a trip. He and family are going in October and have JUST started to plan. Wait, What???
They have a DD4 who loves animals and princesses. They are staying at AKL. Cost is not a contributing factor for them in their planning. Need ideas on how to wow the DD and the DW seeing that ADR’s will be difficult to find. Also, I am not too familiar with AKL and a prerequisite for animals so any suggestions in that area would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Liners!

While they may not be able to book BoG there should still be some pretty choice ADR’s waiting. I’d probably start there and then based on availability they can schedule which park they want to do each day, and then book their FPP.

You might get some more specifics with a little more info. How long are they staying? Are they adventurous eaters, what room category did they book? Last minute trips can still be great with the right expectations.

I do last minute trips all the time and it always works out great. Definitely lunch at Sanaa. If they can’t get an ADR, get there around 11:30, they shouldn’t have a long wait. And the night time animal viewing.

A lot of resort restaurants should still be available. Have them try for Cape May (I’ve gotten an ADR day of) or Whispering Canyon.

They are staying at the Kidani Village. OCtober 16-19. Can you tell me about the safari at the AKL? Would a 4 yo enjoy this experience?
Also they have tix for MNSSHP for the 17th but would like to switch to the 16. IS this even possible?

If you are referring to the Sunrise safari I believe it’s restricted to Club Level rooms and typically books up fairly early. I haven’t done it myself so I can’t really give any more info about that.

There are several family activities at the lodge itself and lots of great restaurants.

As for the MNSSHP, the tickets are technically non-refundable. They can always call and ask though. If they find a sympathetic CM they might be able to talk their way into refunding the one night and then repurchasing the tickets for the new night, but it’s really up to the CM.

Because they are are on a strict timeline I would probably recommend 1.5 days at Magic Kingdom and maybe a half day at Epcot. If their DD is into animals I would probably suggest a full day at Animal Kingdom and maybe skip HS and save it for their next trip.