Suggestions for Last Day

I am looking for suggestions on what to do on our last day at Disney World. We have a 5 day trip coming up with 4 of the days spent at the parks. On our last day (1/1) we have a 2:00 pm flight out of MCO so only have a few hours in the morning to roam around. Can decide between heading to Disney Springs for breakfast and a very brief look around (since springs only opens at 10:00) or a nice breakfast at Knoa Café (or Ohana if a reservation opens up). With all the great night time shows going on at the parks I don’t think we will be able to get to Disney Springs during the other 4 days.

I have not been to Disney Springs to see all the new changes and never been to the Polynesian Resort. So I am torn…between the two. I would like to have time to walk around Disney Springs but not sure if there will be much time to do so with out flight time.

We will be staying off property and will have a rental car.

Thanks for the help.

I booked a character dining experience to make the last day not so depressing!

Haha - I guess that could also have an opposite affect and just want you to stay longer. :disappointed:

My daughter (10) loves Stitch. So maybe Ohana if I can snag a reservation for the morning.

If your flight leaves at 2:00 DME will pick you up at 11:00. Your boarding pass most likely will be for 1:30. You will want to maybe have breakfast and check your luggage for your flight but you really don’t have much time.

We will have a car so will not be relying on DME. Nonetheless - I sadly don’t think we will have much time. The character breakfast is looking more like the better idea. Maybe I can convince the rest of the family to stay up stay a little longer and hit springs one evening. Thanks.

I’m hoping to do the new bon voyage breakfast on our last day before we head out.

Humm - That sounds interesting and will also get me over to the boardwalk area so I can get my Ample Hills Ice Cream.

I would take it slow and easy and enjoy Kona that morning, take a look see at Poly. With DS not opening until about 1 hr before you’d have to leave, it just doesn’t feel like it makes sense to do that. We somehow never manage to get over there either and it bums me out. Never enough days on a Disney vacation :wink:

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I think a nice enjoyable breakfast on the last day maybe the way to go. Can save Springs for the next trip. Thanks all for the input.

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In a similar position. What would people suggest for a yummy breakfast or brunch on the last day. No characters for this couple. Just looking for delcious food and touch more Disney before heading out on the last day.

Depending on the Day, I’ve heard Raglan Road over at DS has a nice brunch. Might not give you that Disney feel you’re looking for though.

What is that?

Where are you staying? That might help narrow things down a bit.

I like The Wave at The Contemporary. They do a buffet and a la carte, and you don’t need reservations if you’re doing a late breakfast.

We were planning on Kona so we could take a look round the Poly. We ended up cancelling it though as we were still packing :-/

Bon Voyage is a breakfast with Ariel, Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn. I can’t remember where it is, sorry.

Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is at Trattoria al Forno Restaurant at Boardwalk.

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Thanks so much. I’ll have to look into it!

We are camping at Fort wilderness - so will have a car. Currently planning on Kona. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Loved the idea of trattoria, but since we are a couple on our own, I’m one of the few that is sad it has been turned into a character dining experience. Have read great review about the food.

Back from our trip - Decided to do Ohana for the last day before flying out (A great suggestion!). It was a perfect way to end the trip. Had a fantastic window seat overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon with a view of the Castle in the background. Characters were fun with Stitch being my daughters favorite. Thanks!