Suggestions for kidani village room request

I was wondering if anyone that had previously stayed in a studio/savannah view at Kidani Village and had a suggestion for a room request.

Also, can anyone direct me to a map of the place? I’m trying to find out where the parking lots are.

This map may be helpful.
[Kidani map
[1]: Review: Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas -

There are parking garages beneath the villas. Very convenient to wherever your room is located.

We had a standard view but loved it regardless. I recommend requesting something close to the lobby so you can be close to the buses, laundry and Johari Treasures.

I can’t recommend a specific room, but you REALLY want to choose one close to the lobby…

What a great resource! Thanks, disney1974!

I’ll definitely try for a close to lobby room, bswan! Thanks