Suggestions for clothing for February trip

My husband and I are having a long belated honeymoon at Universal Orlando second week of February. I chaperoned our daughter’s high school graduation trip this past June so weather was easy to figure out. Ideas, suggestions, thoughts on what is best plan for clothing that week?
Thanks all!

In February, it’s usually warm enough during the day to wear short sleeves. I remember being there in February a few years ago and my husband cranked the a/c in our room up. However, at night it can get cold. We did a fireworks cruise once in February and Disney provided blankets on the boat, plus most of us were wearing long pants and sweatshirts, and some of us were still cold.(If it helps, most of us are from New England, so we are pretty used to cooler weather.)

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Thank you for the reply!

My daughter and I went last February (mid month). We wore shorts with light long sleeves most days, but definitely had sweatshirts in the evening. She and I were chuckling at the folks who were clearly from warmer climates than us who were wearing parkas and hats daily if it was overcast, despite being in the upper 70’s. Then again, we’re from Michigan so upper 70’s in February is complete awesomesauce. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply! Being from Texas, we have a hard time acclimating to anything. DFW can go from 75 one day to 19 the next and back to 65 a day or so later. Looks like we are in for a treat with the weather. Thank you again.

We were in Orlando last February for 4 days, and the first day it was in the 80’s, and last day in the 40’s. We also had a mix of sun and rain. So basically, you should pack for every kind of weather, LOL! Personally, I like layers that zip on/off and are easy to pack into a backpack when not being used.

My family swears by zip-off pants (also called convertible pants) anytime we travel anywhere with variable temperatures. You can find them in most any camping/outdoors kind of store. At Disney, we were able to easily squeeze the removable portions of the pant legs into the nooks and crannies of our park bag (3 adults) with as lightweight and compact as they are, too.

Great idea! The weather here has been sort of mimicking Florida. It is actually warmer today here in DFW and those pants sound fabulous.

Thank you for the reply!

And that weather is just like Texas! It was almost 80 yesterday and the high today is 45.

We decided to fly cheap, so taking the mid size luggage and checking it. We should have enough room to be prepared for the best and the worst.