Suggestions for celebrating birthday at Universal?

We’re planning a trip this summer for daughters 13th birthday. She’s huge HP fan. Any suggestions for something special to do while at Universal? Do they have birthday buttons like Disney?

They do have birthday buttons. And they are worth wearing. My son was wearing his and was chosen at Ollivander’s (not sure if that was why but maybe). The daughters received free desserts from our hotel (HRH) and also at some meals. We had a cast member sing a song to the girls when we were at US.

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Are you staying onsite? If so, mention it to the hotel. When I went with my sister for her birthday, HRH had a plate of fruit and candy and balloons sent up to the room. When it was my sons’ (yes, two of them over the course of the trip) birthdays, PB sent up a sand bucket full of candy, snacks, water and balloons.

Otherwise, the buttons are the only thing I can really think of in the parks. The TMs are very good about wishing people happy birthday if they are wearing a birthday button!