Suggestion regarding water

Hi Everyone,
We leave for WDW one month from today - we are so excited! I know it will be very warm while we are there, and am wondering the best approach for water. Is it better to send it ahead of time along with snacks that we order from either Amazon or Walmart, just get counter service ice water which I hear is free, or bring some sort of water bottle with a filter for the ice water? If the ice water is good enough, then I don’t want to have to bother with having water sent. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!


Just go with the free CS ice water, as it is already filtered. Maybe pack a couple of water bottles to pour it into so that you can more easily carry it while walking and so you can have water while waiting in queues.

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We went in August of 2013. I got two camelback 1L bottles. I filled them completely with ice from the hotel ice machine and filled the nooks and crannies with tap water. About the time we were thirsty, the ice was half melted. I would occasionally refill the bottles at water fountains, but it would rarely stay cool for long.

I never did try to get ice water at the counter service restaurants.

I bring a hard sided Brita water bottle. I am used to well water at home and honestly, the FL tap water tastes different to me. I get the tap water from counter service restaurants and put it in my filter bottle. It works really well for my family and myself. In the parks we bring one to share but in the hotel we have one for each one of use. I just don’t want to carry around 4 water bottles all day.

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Found it! I saw 24 packs of water being sold in the resorts for under $7.00. I think they were smaller bottles, but really reasonably priced. I also use a refillable mug, fill it with mostly ice in the morning and it lasts a couple of hours.