Suggestion for FP and ADR swap categories

What do you think would be the best way to handle FP and ADR transfers in this forum? Should people just start a new thread each time within the WDW category? Or should there be a separate category just for swaps? It seems like the actual swap would be best conducted through private message, but how will Liners who have an ADR or FP they want to give up find an interested Liner to give it to? I don’t really have an answer, but thought I’d start a discussion about it.

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I think a trading category would be good.

Seems like the private messaging capabilities will help with this too.

How exactly would a FP+ or ADR swap work? I didn’t think Disney was able to transfer them.

You coordinate a time for one person to cancel the ADR and then the person in need just refreshes their screen and it should pop up for them to book.

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@aporthole - This was something that often spontaneously happened on original chat. Someone would say they had a Be Our Guest ADR on a certain evening that they needed to cancel. Then someone else would say they’d been looking for one on that exact day. They’d chat a bit, exchange emails and time things just right so that the person who needed it could snap it up as soon as it showed up on MDE. Similar things would happen for Anna & Elsa fastpasses. I’m thinking that a category would be nice for these.

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I think there should be 2 different categories- 1 for ADR’s and 1 for FPP. You could enter your available ADR/FPP, and a date/time that you will cancel by. Then those looking for that ADR/FPP can private message you so a time can be setup up for the trade. Will help with the ADR/FPP’s that get swooped up by others when meant for a specific Liner. Once the ADR/FPP is transferred, you would post as a reply that the ADR/FPP is no longer available. Thoughts?

Sounds like a really good system @Wahoohokie!

Also need a way for the expired ones to fall off otherwise the thread will be huge and hard to find dates you might need.