Suggest your favorite Disney restaurant

I’m just starting to plan for our next trip for early 2019. We’re travelling as a party of 8: 4 adults, 4 kids (11,11,10, 8). We will probably spend one day in each park, and are looking for 1 or 2 sit-down restaurants a day (in or out of parks). Our kids are capable of behaving in nicer restaurants - but there is a range in how adventurous the kids’ palates are. I’m looking for some new dining experiences and am open to all suggestions. Please tell me about your favorites!

Some restaurants I’m thinking about for this trip are: Chef Mickeys, California Grill, Via Napoli, Liberty Tree Tavern, maybe Sanaa. Thoughts?

Here is where we’ve been in the past. Maybe if I give our perspective on these, it will tell something about us - and for those making their own dining plans, tell you something about these restaurants.

Akershus - late breakfast (B+) - Tons of food. 5 yo girl loved the princesses, but she’s now sort of over them. My then 7 yo son says this is one of his favorites, but he really likes smoked salmon. A different kid may not be so in love.

Garden Grill - pre park open breakfast (A+) - Good classic breakfast; fun characters; Loved getting into Epcot early and key for getting to Soarin early!

Teppan Edo - dinner - (B) - Perfect for a party of 8 b/c we got the whole table. Fun interaction with the table chef. Cocktails were fun and Illuminations was starting just as we left, so great view. Food was ok.

BOG - pre park open breakfast and lunch - (B+) - Good and quick, but feels like a cafeteria to me. If you compare to quick service, then I guess it seems better, but when you compare to table service, it feels lacking. We actually missed the pre-park time so didn’t manage to get the jump on 7DMT we were hoping for. (I made a rookie mistake and tried to Uber to MK. We were stuck having to monorail in after that and we were very late.)

Crystal Palace - dinner - (B+) - Pooh characters were fun. Food was ok.

CRT - dinner - (B) - A Disney must do, but the food was meh and princess experience felt out of place with the formal feel of the restaurant. My son said he liked it, but I think he just likes formal dinner experiences. The castle is beautiful and being in it was fun. I don’t regret going, but now that youngest is over princess meet and greets, I don’t think we’ll go back.

Hollywood & Vine - pre-park opening breakfast - (B) - We did it for Jedi Training signup and it worked like a charm. Food, though, was meh. Now that we’ve done Jedi Training, I don’t think I’d go back.

'50s Prime Time - lunch - © - Food was ok. . . but I didn’t love the obnoxious waiter experience. It felt sort of stressful even though I knew it was supposed to be fun.

Hollywood Brown Derby - dinner - (A+) - Great food - I loved the signature salad. I also liked that it had a fun/lively atmosphere that was good for kids. We all loved it and I would definitely consider going back.

Tiffins - dinner - (B) - Food is great, but a little too sedate for after a full park day. Kids did a good job with the formal atmosphere, but it felt really quiet. My child who likes formal dining experiences, took advantage of his deluxe dining plan meal and loved the food experience - but my friend’s child who is a less adventurous eater, hated everything about the menu.

Tusker House - late breakfast - (B+) - I liked this a lot. Characters very fun and food great. Did the Liner recommendation to crossover to lunch - and enjoyed the variety. That said, when I asked my kids about it - this wasn’t a particularly memorable meal for them.

O’hana - dinner - (A) - This was a surprising favorite. We have some less adventurous eaters and I thought they’d balk at this restaurant, but everyone enjoyed the food. They do bring you a ton of food.

Hoop De Doo Review - (A+) - Super fun and everyone liked the food. Kids loved the show, and one of us was picked to be a part of the show. Priceless experience and pictures. Everyone enjoyed it. I’m not sure if it makes sense to go back given we’ve seen it before - but I’m sure all would go back in a heartbeat if I suggested it!

Thanks in advance to anyone who stuck with me on this post - and willing to provide some suggestions!

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We really enjoyed Sanaa, especially the bread service, but did find the kids menu to be lacking in choices. My 9 year old wasn’t thrilled with the options. However, it is a very cool experience to be able to see the animals around the lodge. We didn’t like Boma as much but it does have more food choices being a buffet and you can still explore and view the savannah.

Via Napoli was also a favourite of our family. The pizzas are great. It was a little crazy the night we were there because several groups (of mostly young women) decided to take advantage of the opportunity to be sung to by the young male Italian waiters by claiming it was their birthday. I think one table had three separate birthday greetings. It was a bit silly but not really disruptive.

Of the restaurants you’ve been to before, I’d agree about O’hana and Hoop De Doo Review. Lots of fun and we enjoyed the food at both.

I’m not sure how your family feels about Mexican food but we’ve had great meals at both of the Mexican table service restaurants in Epcot.

Hope that helps!

If you’re open to Disney Springs, I adores The BOATHOUSE!!! So much that I went there twice last week. And I saw all combinations of groups and ages there.

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I forgot, I personally have been to the Boathouse and liked it too. (I was in Orlando for a conference, and a colleague and I escaped to Disney Springs for dinner.) This crew has not been to Disney Springs, so an evening trip to explore DS with seafood dinner at Boathouse is definitely a possibility.

I don’t know much about the Mexican restaurants at Epcot. Is one more formal then the other - or one better than the other?

Some of the restaurants you are considering are great choices–CG is fabulous and so is Sanaa (although check out the menu and make sure there are options for your kids). I think Boma would be a nice option since it is a buffet and there will be something for even picky eaters. Chef Mickeys is really about the characters–the food is not memorable. I’ve only eaten at Via Napoli and LTT once each and thought they were good. Disney Springs has some nice choices now. Homecomin’ in DS has great southern food and we have always enjoyed Raglan Road.

My wife and I did the Mexican place in Epcot for our Honeymoon 22 years ago. We loved the atmosphere, and I remember the food being good. But my wife’s been watching YouTube videos on the best/worst places to eat at WDW for months and months now, and it seems that Mexico always scores toward the bottom of everyone’s list in terms of food quality. Atmosphere is still great, though.

I’m a huge fan of Flying Fish (@ the Boardwalk). It’s a nicer place, and the food is fantastic.

Boma’s breakfast buffet is delicious, including their signature juice.

A few of my favorites:

Yak & Yeti - its a nice break from the hustle and bustle of AK, and not quite Tiffins price ranges. The Sushi Nachos are a steal, and could easily be a meal in themselves. My wife and I usually just split and appetizer and an entree. But at Y&Y, we can just do two appetizers and two drinks, and make out like bandits! It’s also air conditioned, has its own bathroom, and quick service for a sit down restaurant.

Sanaa - we love the bread service, but our family is also very adventurous eaters. The menu is somewhat limited.

California Grill - it is a wonderful view, amazing food, and a menu a little less intimidating since it’s mostly American fare.

Via Napoli - is a fun restaurant to visit with delicious pizza! It is pricey though for essentially pizza.

I have months before our ADR date, so I might have to start watching youtube videos of best/worst restaurants in Disney too! :slight_smile:

Ok, seems like Sanaa, California Grill and Via Napoli are getting some love. I’ll have to go back to Sanaa menu and look carefully. My kids are decently adventurous eaters, but Indian is the one type of food they are picky about and I know my friend’s children are less adventurous. (I think one of them is just starting to forgive me for Tiffin on our last trip over a year ago.) Maybe Y&Y would be a better choice and we wouldn’t have to leave the park. Is Y&Y the one that is affiliated with a restaurant chain that has some sort of loyalty card?

I like the idea of the BOATHOUSE. Are there other seafood restaurants that we could consider? Any thoughts on Cape May? Is Coral Reef a seafood restaurant? Is there a decent sushi restaurant that people like? Kids liked Cowfish this year at Universal, so thinking sushi might be possible.

I’ll look into Flying Fish. What is the atmosphere like? Our kids can behave for fine dining - but I don’t want it to feel too formal. If like Tiffin, I think we’ll have to wait for a different day. If like HBD, then - sounds fantastic!

Any opinions on MK table service restaurants? Skipper Canteen? LTT?

Thanks for suggestions so far!

I would say the atmosphere at Flying Fish is somewhat less formal than Tiffin’s, though not lots. I have not been to HBD, so I can’t compare.

Mine are:

Flying Fish
Yachtsman Steakhouse
California Grill
The Boathouse
Morimoto Asia
Cape May Cafe
Teppan Edo
Hollywood Brown Derby
Tusker House

Biergarten – Love the atmosphere and entertainment

++ for Yak & Yeti … Flying Fish, Narcossee’s, Yachtsman Steakhouse, California Grill and The Boathouse are all fantastic restaurants but the pace of the meal may be too slow for even the most well behaved children. I would opt for restaurants that server a little quicker.

The Yachtsman Steakhouse is awesome! I have heard issues depending on the server you get but the one we had recently was awesome! Go for the Ribeye, you’re welcome! lol

Whispering Canyon - great fun for all - but don’t expect a quiet meal :wink: