Subscribers - we know some aren't in the group who should be

We know there are people who can’t see the subscriber area (the lounge/la Cava).

Daybreaker is in an earlier time zone. Let the poor man get up and have some coffee and I’m sure he’ll be looking at it.

Until then - patience. There’s the whole rest of the forum plus Lines Chat. We can’t spend all morning manually adding users to the subscriber group.




Thanks @LaurelStewart :slight_smile: Appreciate all your hard work!!!

You are going to need a BIG visit to La Cava at the end of this work week — and I don’t mean the forum :wink:

We’ll be patient, no worries!

Waiting patiently, no worries at all. Thanks for the post.

Lucky us, we found another bug in the Discourse forum software!

The gist of this bug is that manually created groups can only have 200 people in it. It’s an artificial limit from their earlier days, and the Discourse team sort of forgot to open up the ability for it to go past 200 members. Which of course is an issue since we have something like 1500 subscribers in here after just 3 days of operation.

Their team’s working on it, and we’re also working on a temporary workaround.

All in all, I think this is still going better than the Magic Band rollout at least, right?


Will you comp us a week at the Grand Floridian? Hahahaha

I just opened La Cava to everyone in TL one. We’ve only got subscribers on here now anyway.

I think the best we can do is that @len will drink a tequila in your honor at La Cava.

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I’m drinking gin in everyone’s honor RIGHT NOW. (kidding, I’ll wait until after 12.)