Stupid question. What does IGT/OGT/VGT mean?


Stupid question. What does IGT/OGT/VGT mean?


Sorry not a clue:(


I keep seeing these abbreviations on the cruise boards and cruise websites


I wasn't sure either but I found this in the touring plan blogs - hope it helps! smile




@LoveBug53 you beat me to posting the link! smile

@LisaTN - there is a lot of great DCL info in the Blog


That means a DEAL! Those are called Guaranteed Category with Restrictions. IGT = Inside room, OGT=oceanview stateroom and VGT=verandah room. These rooms are often discounted prior to sailing (usually for travel within a quick time frame) they offer them at discounts and you have to get them while the getting is good. While they do save you money they come with their own set of rules and the rules are non-negotiable:

Full payment is required at the time of booking for all Guests and is non-refundable.
Full legal names of all Guests are required at time of booking and no name changes are allowed.
Specific stateroom will be assigned at a later time, based on availability.
Gratuities, Government Taxes, Fees and Port Adventures are not included.
The number of staterooms allocated for this offer is limited.
This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.
Rates are in U.S. Dollars.
Offer subject to Disney Cruise Line® Terms and Conditions. 


They can be a deal but some people they don't work out for. First time cruisers I don't know if I would recommend that for most. If you are afraid motion sickness will be an issue you are going to want more centered in the ship a lot of those are going to be far flung rooms that no one wanted to pick. Same thing with picking a deck, to some that's important so they know where on the ship they will be and what they are close/far to.


*GT rates also may not work if you are traveling with others and require that your staterooms be near each other. The cruise line will assign your cabins from their pool of available cabins. You cannot make any requests about cabin location, and you cannot move your cabin once assigned. So if you need connecting or adjoining staterooms, do not book IGT/OGT/VGT rates. You could end up on different decks, or different ends of the ship.

You can always do a spot check and see which cabins are open for booking to see which Inside, Oceanview, or Verandah cabins you could possibly be placed in. Of course, any open cabins can be booked by someone else before Guaranty cabins are assigned.

Also, guests who have booked ahead of time have likely snagged all the plum room locations. Does it mean that all the open cabins are bad cabins? No, but if a traveler or their TA knows where to look, they know how to research noisy/otherwise problematic cabin locations and aren't going to book those when better options are open. SO ... there is a chance you can get a "bad" cabin when booking *GT rates. But that is one trade-off you take when you opt for such a good fare discount at the last minute.

Definitely get the insurance when you book a *GT rate, because no changes are allowed, not even name changes to change out one passenger on the cabin. If you book it, you're going!


Tell me if I'm correct. They come out the GVT rates and such 60 days prior correct