Stuffed Pretzels

So, I’ve always remembered finding the stuffed pretzels in WDW. It seems like its less and less now. Anyone know any hot spots for stuffed pretzels (not just cream cheese)?

There are stands in Epcot that have them. They are good for the salt to replace what your losing in the Heat. :hot_face:

Are they stuffed or just regular? I want to olan “stops” for stuffed pretzels! Its one of my Disney passions!

I don’t believe they are stuffed.

Stuffed pretzels – also known as pudding in the UK if stuffed with something sweet and served immediately following dinner.

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Here in the US they are stuffed with cheese and salted. Bismarks are filled with pudding and glazed.

MK has one with pepper jack, haven’t found any more locations.

Wait… where? I only know of the sweet cream one at lunching pad.

Uh… asking for a friend?

Hmmm, lunching pad still has on menu on touring plans, thats where ive gotten b4, not on WDW menu😞 im heart broken

Yeah just tried to do a mobile order, it’s only the sweet cream it seems. :frowning:

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This is depressing Disney!

Last time we were there, the lunching pad had three varieties that were not on the menu. I ordered a sweet one, and when I went to the window, they asked me if I would like a jalapeno cheese stuffed one. These were the only ones I found anywhere!


Ur giving me hope😀

Make sure to ask everywhere. I think when they are almost out, they take it off the menu, but if you ask, they will serve them. That’s what I am hoping!!

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OMG I had the best jalapeno cheese pretzel from AK in um…2008. I hope I can get another!

They have cream cheese stuffed but i like the different, savory ones.

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When was this? I, too, am hopeful.

We should storm Disneys emails, suggest a variety of stuffed pretzels for Anniversary.


While we’re at it, can we get the price back to $5? You know for…50th? Eh? Ehhh?? I could justify $5 pretzels (cause I’m touched in the head), but $7 + tax gives me great pause.

Ultimately if you can share a cheese dip with somebody for your pretzel and save the other one for a quick service that has french fries… THE BEST!

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