Studios half day FP+ in December?

Arriving Studios mid-afternoon on Friday, 12/4. Can get FP+ for Toy Story or RnRoller. Whose line will be worse to ride standby? I’m thinking TS, but crowd estimate is 6/10 so not sure. Thanks!

Are you willing to try single rider if needed? If so I would FP TSMM.


The tiered fast pass makes it hard to ride RNRC, but it does have single rider lines. Toy Story carries a huge wait all day long. Fast passing Toy Story is the smart choice if you must do it. I think overall the line at RNRC is less than Toy Story.

For me I can skip toy story, I would rather have the thrill rides.

I too have not been on TSMM in years. For me RnR is such a great ride I will always use my FP and then if the stand by line is ever less than 30 minutes, I will jump in that too!

TSMM is a must do for us and it normally carries a 60+ line all day so we always FP+ TSMM. The single rider line for RnRC is normally a 20-25 min wait later in the day and we have also had luck skipping Fantasmic and riding RnRC with a reasonable wait time or again with the single rider line.